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RaceChip RS Series BMW F06/ F12/ F13 M6

RaceChip RS Series BMW F06/ F12/ F13 M6 - Boden Visuals


RaceChip RS Series BMW F06/ F12/ F13 M6

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The bestseller. A completely new optimization software with enhanced engine-specific adjustments, high-quality hardware as well as a comprehensive service and warranty package will make every driver’s heart beat faster.




German cars are considered the best in the world. The leading company for chip tuning also hails from Germany: Today, RaceChip products are used in more than 135 countries. Over 500,000 satisfied customers enjoy more power, faster acceleration and a sophisticated driving performance. RaceChip products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany and extensively Autobahn tested.


RaceChip offer is a quick connect/ disconnect using just 2 sensors. Make those who worry about dealer warranty the ability to remove quickly when taking their cars in for factory service. These piggyback systems are more of a plug-n-play and forget with nice performance gains.


Up to +25% HP and +25% TQ and +20% MPG*

* The figures quoted showing power and torque increases are index values, i.e. the actual figures may be slightly higher or lower



  • 6 fine tuning mappings 
  • Up to 20% MPG savings 
  • 3-years product warranty 
  • US$149 per re-programming if you change cars 
  • App Control (Optional, +50USD) 


Technical Hardware:

  • ARM Cortex-M3 processor 
  • Up to 7 analog and digital channels
  • Chip electronics with Nano-Protect
  • Pro-grade connector (FCI)
  • Ultra-resistant composite housing
  • Pro fixing system
  • Dimensions (mm): L 95 x W 103 x H 36


In The Box:

  • RaceChip RS 
  • Wiring kit for your engine 
  • 360° fixing clips 
  • Stock plug 
  • Fitting instructions 
  • Cable ties

Passende Modelle:

- BMW M6 F06

- BMW M6 F12

- BMW M6 F13


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