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Mode Carbon

Mode Carbon BOOTLID SPOILER Mercedes-Benz W213 E63(S) AMG

Mode Carbon BOOTLID SPOILER Mercedes-Benz W213 E63(S) AMG - Boden Visuals

Mode Carbon

Mode Carbon BOOTLID SPOILER Mercedes-Benz W213 E63(S) AMG

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With the introduction of our W213 E63(s) Sedan Carbon Fiber Collection, comes our Signature style Bootlid Spoiler. Our design homologates with the otherwise mundane rear profile of the W213 chassis, while adding a splash of understated aggression. Tying together the rear end and singing praise to the race heritage that has become synonymous with the AMG brand. All of our Bootlid Spoilers are sold with the superior quality and fitment guarantees that you have come to expect from a Mode Carbon product.

Technical Specifications
High Gloss UV Protected Clear Coat
Pure Carbon Fibre
Fitting Instructions 
  1. Uninstall the OEM trunk spoiler. Make sure that the mounting surface is cleaned thoroughly afterward.
  2. Test fit the spoiler prior to installing.
  3. Line up the spoiler on the trunk and mark its proper positioning with painter’s tape.
  4. Peel the red backing of the 3M tape approximately 2 inches from either side of the spoiler.
  5. Place the spoiler on the car without removing all of the red backing of the 3M tape.
  6. Once you have the spoiler aligned into the correct position, carefully remove the red backing of the 3M tape while the spoiler is simultaneously being pressed firmly into place. It is recommended that two people complete this step.
  7. Apply pressure to the spoiler after it is installed with painter’s tape, with extra attention given to the corners. It is recommended that you do not drive the car until the spoiler is given time to solidify firmly to the trunk.

Glückliche Kunden

Wenn es um Preis/Leistung geht, ist Boden Visuals unschlagbar!

Die Teile sind Hochqualitativ, sehen gut aus und steigern zugleich auch noch die Performance eures Fahrzeuges.

Ich kann Boden Visuals nur empfehlen!

Gekaufter Artikel, war ein BMW M2 Carbon Heckdiffusor.

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